Monday, October 23, 2017

Apache Warrior

Te Ata

The movie seems a bit PC, but it's good to see Q'orianka Kilcher again. And the movie's PC factor may backfire; this is old America in which white tolerance and multiculturalism were just being planted.

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Any Hope for the Millenials?

How Millennials Became ‘Generation Meh’ by Teresa Mull
With nothing to rebel against, we've lost our edge.

A r-selected population? Or should one reduce political conflict, as Jonathan Haidt does, to individuals with competing personality traits that are somehow equal in value and goodness, with the corollary that millenials have come to possess a set of certain traits but lack [many] others? I prefer a more classical analysis: what has been generated is a soft, pampered, dulled male population that has been successfully pacified and emasculated. There is nothing to "rebel" against because someone in such a condition is unable to perceive the evils that exist and to take action against those evils. "When liberty is taken away, no one will miss it."

Is this the natural consequence of urbanization or the intended outcome of a deliberate program by the state to preserve its power against all possible threats (including the people)? The cause does make a difference in how we respond to the problem.

The incorporation and application of feminism as state ideology by those holding political and economic power, leading to a soft matriarchy over education and increasingly the government bureaucracies and the judiciary, expedites the emasculation even more.
But generation Z may turn out to be more based than the millenials, especially if we help to make it so.

Will There Be a Return to the Medieval University?

There is no financial infrastructure for it, and today's good Catholic colleges are a pale comparison with the Catholic medieval university. They may feel fortified within a conservative enclave, but just wait until they hire their first SJW (who is more likely than not to be a woman, and of course our conservative Catholic intellectuals have to show how egalitarian they are but hiring women). The sort of accountability that is required for honest debate and discussion can only be found within a group of men, and that is not always what happens. A woman who must submit and show deference or respect to men because of their unequal social standing isn't really a peer for such a discussion. An university doesn't not operate separate from the political community; rather it is an instantiation of the political community, and a teacher or scholar cannot divide his identity into two separate spheres of life. As a teacher or scholar he is also at the same time a member of the political community; he is accountable not only to his colleagues at the school but to his fellow citizens in the polis.

Imaginative Conservative: Why the Christian Philosopher & Christian College Need Each Other by Thaddeus Kozinski


Task Force Dagger

First to Go: Green Berets Remember Earliest Mission in Afghanistan
Operation Enduring Freedom, The First 49 Days
Green Berets Who Liberated Afghanistan from the Taliban Tell Their Stories in New Documentary
Interview with ODA 595

Legion of Brothers

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Something on Stillman

The Witty, Wistful Films of Whit Stillman by Anthony Paletta
His work lightheartedly catalogued the story of the human condition.

What Would Fr. Giussani Think?

The ‘Francis Option’: An Alternative to The Benedict Option? by Rod Dreher

One might think that Fr. Julian Carron, the head of Communion and Liberation, is just name-dropping Pope Francis and presenting a "traditional" view of how Christianity is an evangelizing force rooted in a personal encounter with Christ. But he seems to be more of a Francis fan than that.

Does Fr. Carron address a Christian's political identity and duties? Or does he just assume that a multicultural empire will last forever and that a Christian is an rootless cosmopolitan meeting other rootless cosmopolitans?

Of Course This Was Written by a Man with a Woman's Name

He doesn't understand that dialogue has been destroyed because we are no longer one people. There are too many conflicting non-negotiables. "Can't we all just get along?"

She is right in principle that the Federal Government should exercise its authority only in those areas designated by the Constitution. But who is going to restrain the Federal Government, especially the judiciary, from interfering with states that want to preserve their culture and traditions?

Social Issues Are Destroying American Politics by Addison Del Mastro
The next president should call a temporary culture war cool-down.

A Carved Icon

St. Thomas's Commentary on the Sentences

Gamma Qi

Is there a disproportionate number of gammas practicing taiqi in comparison with their percentage of the Chinese population? Various teachers and masters claim that they have the ability to win fights, but it seems to me that this is rarely shown to be the case. In fact there is a video of a Chinese boxer challenging a taiqi master and winning. The gamma thinks he is secretly invincible thanks to his cultivation of qi, and doesn't need to prove himself in real combat. How about the sorry number of Chinese men who bought into the esoteric invincibility crap during the Taiping and Boxer Rebellions? This belief that they would be impervious to blades and bullets wasn't built on knowledge but belief, one approaching religious faith. They thought they could defeat the Qing or the Westerners. Small wonder that after their defeats the terrible image of the weakness of China came into being, along with the Chinese inferiority complex. Now the Chinese government and military is doing its best to catch up with the West, but their videos (and even their appearance in Chinese entertainment and movies) seem to be just propaganda, laughable.

Where is the strong Chinese military of the imperial times? Or was that just an illusion, with mercenaries and barbarians supplying most of the martial strength?

MONDO GROSSO / 惑星タントラ (Short Edit)

Steve Bannon, Laura Ingraham and Dr. Sebastian Gorka speech at the Values Voter Summit Oct 14

Donald Trump
Phil Robertson
Judge Roy Moore

Steve Bannon at CAGOP



It is good to see Sean Bean getting work but does the series give Catholic Christianity and the celibate priesthood a fair shake?

Kenneth Branagh: A Life In Pictures

『宇宙戦艦ヤマト2202 愛の戦士たち』第三章 純愛篇 君、ヒトヒラPV

Powered Suit or Mecha Action to Come?



Barbara Yung Mei-Ling 翁美玲

Electric Dreams

Jack Ryan TV Trailer

The Outlaws